Our Clients

Who are the Clients of Raymond James Investment Counsel?

Our clients are individual and institutional investors, corporate clients, pension funds, endowments, foundations, and families with a significant portfolio seeking the guidance of experienced discretionary Portfolio Managers.

Our Clients Seek a Higher Level of Care

While not all our clients have the same goals or objectives, they do share similar values in why they seek the expertise of a discretionary Portfolio Manager, including:

● The comfort of having direct access to an experienced Portfolio Manager who is responsible for investment decisions rather than holding investments managed by third parties. Direct contact improves communication, particularly around the rationale for investment decisions, and ensures the portfolio is optimized to meet the needs of each investor.

● A disciplined approach to investing guided by client documentation that defines the relationship and provides confidence and peace of mind in how investment decisions are made and managed.

● Transparency of fees and the potential to reduce fees through larger investments and the elimination of third party distributors who may add additional layers of fees.